Mergado Pack plugin for WooCommerce


Do you use Wordpress with WooCommerce module for your online store? Then download the Mergado Pack module for WooCommerce. It will help you create better XML data files. And it’s for free!


Selected features:

  • XML export Mergado: products, categories
  • import prices from Mergado XML
  • batch export - export feeds in batches for more stable feed creation
  • integration of wp_cron functionality
  • statistics and conversion tracking
    • Google Ads 
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Facebook Pixel 
    • Kelkoo - sales tracking
    • GLAMI piXel - implementing multiple piXels
    • GLAMI TOP - Glami reviews
    • Biano pixel
    • Sklik, Zboží.cz
    • Heureka + availability feed + Verified by customer
    • Etarget


Download official Mergado Marketing Pack plugin for WordPressMergado marketing pack plugin available on the official platform WordPress plugins

Click to open official WordPress Platform Plugins - Mergado Pack for WooCommerce version 2.3.21
We are continuously developing the module and in the following versions, we plan on adding more marketing functions.


new features:

  • add support for Glami TOP

modifications and bugfix:

  • Bugfix GlamiPiXel and FacebookPixel
  • GlamiPiXel code implementation

  • FB Pixel implementation changes

  • Reorder news

new features:

  • import product prices from Mergado XML
  • batch export/import - possibility to set the number of items for one cron task run
  • integration of wp_cron functionality
  • option for Zboží.cz conversion tracking
  • option for Heureka conversion tracking
  • export Heureka stock feed
  • option for Heureka widget 'Verified by customers'
  • GLAMI piXel - implementing multiple piXels - CZ, DE, FR, SK, HU, RU, IT, ES, RO, GR, TR, UA, BG, ECO
  • option for Etarget remarketing
  • option for - the 'Store recommended by customers' certificate
  • option for Pricemania - Verified online store

modifications and bugfix:

  • fixes for product feed (hidden drafts, private and password protected products)
  • adjustment of conversion value for Glami piXel and Sklik - order value is sent without VAT and without shipping and payment


  • Facebook pixel setting
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Google Ads Remarketing Settings
  • Sklik retargeting settings
  • tracking conversions for Sklik
  • added support for GLAMI piXel settings

Some of the attributes of the exported XML feed are now embedded in CDATA.

  • modified export function, to work better with product export limits (under certain circumstances only 50 products were exported, now there is no limit)
  • fixed errors in the export of products with multiple variants (some values did not export, e.g. DESCRIPTION_SHORT)
  • generating Mergado Product XML feed, which is a unique data format, from which you are able to generate any XML feed (for any comparison shopping service) in Mergado
  • logging individual actions in the module for easier technical support


Installation is standard as for other Woocommerce modules:

  1. In your store administration go to Menu and click Plugins → Add new
  2. Search for 'mergado' keyword. When the Mergado marketing pack plugin appears, click Instal now.
  3. After the installation is complete, click Activate
  4. You will find the module both in the menu on the left as Mergado and under Installed plugins

Mergado Marketing Pack module for Woocommerce checks automatically for the latest version and gives you a notification in administration (under Menu → Plugins) if there is one. After the module is installed, you get a notification about the availability of the latest version.

After the installation is complete you need to set the module up first. It’s pretty simple:

  1. First, navigate to the module settings. Click Menu → Mergado. A page with separate Menu for module configuration appears.
  2. In Menu → Cron tasks you can find URL address(es) for feed generation. If you set this address in your web hosting, the export will be generated automatically by the cron.
  3. In Menu → XML Feeds you can find the XML feed URL address which can be used as input data file in Mergado.


The module allows you to export data from your online store in XML format, in Mergado XML specification. Such data can be used to connect your store to Mergado, where you are able to convert your product data to over 200 different formats for comparison shopping services such as Google Shopping, Glami, etc., or for advertising systems like Google Ads, Facebook, or for different eCommerce solutions, e. g. Shoptet, etc.

The module is for free.

The module is installed in a standard way, same as other modules. Above you can find a link to download the module as well as a step-by-step installation guide.

In a standard way, same as other Woocommerce modules are uninstalled.

If you need any help with installation and the first setup of the module, contact our support at

We would appreciate if you let us know at

The module automatically checks for the latest version and if there is one, it will display a notification in the administration of your store, that an update is available.

Yes, the module needs to be set up in order to function properly. Follow these 3 steps:

  1. On the “Export settings” tab of the module, choose in which language and currency you want the XML feed(s) to be generated.
  2. On the "Cron" tab you will find the links to XML feed generation. For a one-time generation click these links and the feed will be generated (or regenerated, if it already exists). For automating the generation in regular intervals copy the links and set them up in your web hosting to tasks launched by cron (more on setting up cron in the next Q&A)
  3. On the "XML feed" tab you can download the XML feeds and use the link to create a new export in Mergado.

Simply said, a cron is an automatic task launcher, so, for example, it can launch a generation of an XML feed with the products of your store in regular intervals. Cron is set up on your web hosting. To set up the cron you need to login to your web hosting administration or contact your web host for more information.

Free tech support

If you need help with the module installation or setup, let us know by mail or via our forum.

Free tech support

If you need help with the module installation or setup, let us know by mail or via our forum.