Mergado Pack Extension for OpenCart


Do you use OpenCart version and above? Download the Mergado Pack v1.3.1 – it helps you create better XML data files. At the same time, you can track conversions with Glami piXel, collect customer reviews through Glami TOP, track activity by Facebook Pixel, or take full advantage of Google Tag Manager with data layer. And it's free! Plus, it's for free!


Selected features:

  • XML feed export for Mergado: products, categories
  • Multistore XML feed support
  • Batch export - export feeds in batches for more robust feed creating
  • Statistics and conversion tracking
    • Facebook Pixel
    • GLAMI piXel - implementing multiple piXels
    • GLAMI TOP - Glami reviews
    • Google Tag manager


Download Mergado Marketing Pack for PrestashopMarketplace OpenCart - Megado Marketing pack

Click the button to download the Mergado Pack v1.3.1 extension for OpenCart, version


The installation process is standard as for other OpenCart modules.


1. Download the OpenCart module from Mergado web - to download the Mergado Marketing Pack module click the button above.

2. Go to OpenCart administration. In the left menu, select Installer from the Extensions menu. Click on the Upload button to upload the file you downloaded from Mergado and complete the installation.

3. Then, in the Extensions menu, select the Extensions category, and in the filters, select Feeds as the extension type.

4. When you get here, select the Mergado Marketing Pack and click on the green Install button to install it. Then click on the button with the pencil symbol and activate it on the first Settings tab. To save this setting, click the floppy button in the upper right corner of the screen.

5. To see the module in the left menu and access it easily, click the orange button in the Modifications section to clear the cache. After clicking the Refresh button, the Mergado module appears in the left menu.

After the installation, the module needs to be set. It's very easy:

1. On the Settings module tab, check the module status (whether it is activated).

2. On the Cron tab, you can copy the URL for regular feed generation. If you want to generate a feed directly, click on the URL.